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Third Josh Radley Suspense Novel by Eric E. Wright

 The Story

Freelance writer, Josh Radley, hoping to scoop the competition, cancels his scheduled cancer treatment and rushes to an isolated site on Vancouver Island. An old freighter, beached in a storm, is found with a human cargo bound for enslavement in brothels, farms, and factories. The ship also contains a cache of explosives and drugs. The shocking cargo includes Chandi, a tribal girl from Pakistan known to Josh and his wife. Before these victims can be processed, the gang responsible swoops in, overwhelms the police, and escapes with both their most valuable human cargo and their explosives. 

Determined to find the lost girls and expose modern slave traders, Josh ignores violent threats from Chaudari, the leader of this smuggling enterprise. He plunges into the murky world of human trafficking in Seattle and Vancouver while continuing to avoid cancer treatment.

What early readers are saying:

  • Authentic…vivid descriptions…a real page turner (Peggy Dymond Leavey, multiple award-winning author.)
  • It held my interest so much that I read it in three days. (Doris Goheen, retired school teacher)
  • Fast paced thriller….grabs the reader’s attention and neatly delivers the reader—breathless—on the final page. (Felicity Sidnell, author and co-host of Northumberland radio show)
  • Fascinating…Difficult to put down. (Margaret Bart)


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